Traditions in The Workplace

I know of one surefire to make all my employees happy, and it’s really quite simple.


Who doesn’t love a good plate of baked goods or anything homemade? Every year around Thanksgiving, the Corban OneSource office is filled with warm, Thanksgiving aromas that will take you right back to your family’s Thanksgiving when you were a kid. Each employee brings in a dish, and we all sit around, enjoying each other’s food and company. This has become one of the beloved traditions in our workplace.

Traditions in the workplace are an important part of what sets your company a part from others. Your company’s brand is what draws in new talent, keeps your current talent, and makes you special. The better and more differential your workplace traditions are will also increase your employee engagement. The positives are endless.

SHRM blogger Mary Kaylor states, “Your workplace is like an employee’s home away from home. Much like in your own family, the workforce needs traditions to create a sense of belonging, an identity and an anchor.”

Current employee engagement statistics are at a new low. With so many distractions or other issues employees face, many companies are struggling with creating a sense of employee engagement and questioning how to raise the bar. In her article, Kaylor interviews Rita Barreto Craig, an award-winning human resources consultant and TedX speaker, about the effects of workplace traditions. Check out the video to see what Barreto Craig had to say about how workplace traditions can completely change how your company operates.

Each celebration doesn’t have to be elaborate. It doesn’t have to be incredibly expensive either. Sometimes, it’s the little weekly things that people will remember and cherish the most. On the other hand, the holiday season is quickly approaching, so consider some different ways you can celebrate with your employees. Sometimes, the more outrageous, weird, or fun the idea is, the better.

Further in Kaylor’s interview, Barretto Craig states,” I would certainly challenge people to think about what are some unique things you can do that nobody else is doing…Being creative and innovative, flexible, and not so stoic with policies and procedure, thinking about rewards and recognitions, and service anniversaries. I think that’s where it’s at today.”

Bringing the joy of traditions to the workplace has the potential to make long-lasting memories and office jokes with your employees. And remember, hardly anyone ever says no to food, especially baked goods.




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