Have a Holly Jolly Office Christmas Party

It's the most wonderful time of the year. The month of December is filled with Christmas carols, ridiculous amounts of sugar, and spending time with loved ones. Also making an appearance - the office Christmas party. Human resources experts typically see these kinds of parties as a hot spots for potential HR mishaps. On the

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A Message on Giving Tuesday

This past week has sure been a busy one. We go from sharing that time with our loved ones and families on Thanksgiving to dodging the crowds and scouring for good deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Today, however, is Giving Tuesday. I love finding good deals as much as the next person, but

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Veterans: Their Skills and The Workplace

Our thanks to veterans could never be thoroughly conveyed through words alone, but we continue to try each and every day to express our gratitude to them. Our support extends to those who have served and are currently serving, both abroad and at home. When soldiers come home, the transition from a military life to a

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One Interview Question Can Tell You More

We've all been there. Sitting in a chair, across from someone you think is a bit intimidating, and filled with nerves. Interviewing is no easy thing. Whether you're the interviewer or the interviewee, it can be stressful on both sides. As the interviewer, you are looking for a candidate that is the perfect fit for

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Traditions in The Workplace

I know of one surefire to make all my employees happy, and it's really quite simple. Food. Who doesn't love a good plate of baked goods or anything homemade? Every year around Thanksgiving, the Corban OneSource office is filled with warm, Thanksgiving aromas that will take you right back to your family's Thanksgiving when you

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Employees and Educational Benefits

A college degree is valuable, but nowadays, it seems like you need a Masters, PhD, or MBA to stand out in the business world. As an employee, you want to better yourself with that degree and accomplish more. As an employer, you want the most talented employees out there, especially those with specialized degrees in

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Payroll: Let’s Talk About It

Payroll. Some may cringe at the sight of that word. To them, it means juggling a lot of work, keeping track of what seems like a thousand things at once, and an overall headache. Of course, it's important to all of us. Employees are waiting on the paycheck and nobody wants issues with the IRS. Consider

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Operation Christmas Child

One simple shoe box can bring an insurmountable amount of joy to a child. While to some this might be a confusing statement, others might be aware of the great work Operation Christmas Child does to reach children all over the world. The journey of these particular shoe boxes are like no other. Operation Christmas Child is

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Communicating in the Office

It won't come as a big surprise if I tell you that communication can fix so many problems that we have in our lives (especially in terms of human resources). Whether these issues are personal or at work, solid communication can make all the difference. In a work environment, there are a great deal of

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