Why You Should Outsource HR

If you’ve been thinking about HR outsourcing for your company’s HR needs, you may have started shopping around for the right HR outsourcing company for you. You may find Corban OneSource solutions approach to HR outsourcing appealing, but at the same time, it’s natural to wonder why you should trust your HR outsourcing to Corban

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Do I Lose Control of My Employees When I Outsource HR?

For some managers, the idea of HR outsourcing may cause some trepidation. Do you really want an outside agent managing your human resources? After all, they’re your employees and your team. You’re in charge of them, and part of being in charge means being in control of their wages and benefits. You may be wondering,

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Does Outsourcing Take Over All HR Functions of a Company?

While the idea of having Corban OneSource solutions taking over the time-consuming paperwork and sometimes complex challenges of your company’s human resource functions may be appealing, it’s understandable if you have some trepidation about jumping in with both feet. You may not be ready to turn over all of the company’s HR functions, especially before

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Does Someone Come to the Office Every Week When I Outsource my HR?

 For many companies, outsourcing HR is a new idea. Having an internal HR department is the old way, and more and more companies are realizing that HR outsourcing is the faster, cheaper, more efficient way to manage human resources. But because HR outsourcing is new for some, a lot of questions arise, like: “If I

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Can I Outsource HR If I Have Operations in Different States?

If your company is considering using HR outsourcing to manage your human resources issues, you may be wondering about HR outsourcing in multiple states. If your company works in multiple states, you’re probably already dealing with the headaches of different tax rules and laws regarding employees in different states. Can HR outsourcing handle this level

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What Happens to My Staff When I Outsource HR?

More and more organizations are turning to HR outsourcing to streamline their businesses. Considering HR outsourcing may cause many to wonder, however, how does HR outsourcing affect my existing staff? After all, one of the ways that HR outsourcing saves you money is by obviating the need for internal HR staff. So the question you

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