Payroll: Let’s Talk About It

Payroll. Some may cringe at the sight of that word. To them, it means juggling a lot of work, keeping track of what seems like a thousand things at once, and an overall headache. Of course, it's important to all of us. Employees are waiting on the paycheck and nobody wants issues with the IRS. Consider

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Communicating in the Office

It won't come as a big surprise if I tell you that communication can fix so many problems that we have in our lives (especially in terms of human resources). Whether these issues are personal or at work, solid communication can make all the difference. In a work environment, there are a great deal of

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Can Managers and Employees Be Friends?

One of the great debates in human resources is determining the fine line with friendships between managers and employees. When you spend 40 hours a week or more with someone, of course you would want to have a few friendships with those people. Our co-workers are " not only our break budies and lunch dates, they're

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Benefits: The Changes and You

Over the decades, employee benefits have massively expanded into things no one thought would be possible just 20 short years ago. Nowadays, benefit packages have the possibility of including optical, mental, dental healthcare, and more. Sometimes, it seems like it's just another year with the same benefits as last year, but if you look back

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The Potential Costs of a Mis-Hire

Mis-hires can result in many potential issues, especially financial. While financial or business advisers within a company might only see the monetary costs, there can be other hidden problems that might arise in a organization with a mis-hire. Not easily seen, the effects have the ability to pollute several pillars within the company. Avoid mis-hires

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Feedback – Take It and Run With It

Feedback. It's something that we all strongly desire or want to run away from. The impact of it can also depend on how it's delivered. What do you do with poorly or not thorough feedback? Harvard lecturer and founder of the Triad Consulting Group Sheila Heen lectures how to take any and all kinds of

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Leading during Economic Downturns

Over the past decade, all of us have experienced what seems to be an economic roller coaster. This economic roller coaster has had us on ups, downs, loops, and spirals. While this is not what we would call a fun roller coaster, we can look back at the not so great times and study and

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New Job? One First Impression

As a kid, there seemed to be nothing more terrifying than entering a new school, trying to make new friends, making good grades, navigating the hallways and most importantly, having somewhere to sit at lunch. While those school days are over, the nervous feeling of entering a new place, such as a company, hasn't changed

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Does Working from Home Really Work?

Everyone has those days where they want to do nothing but lounge around in their pajamas all day. Enter the idea of working from home. From the comfort of your own couch and pajamas, you can send emails, create presentations, and avoid commuting to work. Instead, you can telecommute. As technology continues to develop, the

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Don’t Let that Vacation Time Go To Waste

Taking vacations with my family has always been one of my greatest joys. When I was a kid, my parents would pile a ridiculous amount of luggage into the hatchback, somehow cram my siblings and I in the back, and off we went, singing songs and playing car games. Now, I’m the parent, and I’m

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