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Team Hoyt: A Team Like No Other

As Father's Day approaches, I am reminded of all the incredible things I have seen, heard, and experienced things fathers do for their children. Each and every story holds a special meaning, but I am drawn to the phenomenal story of Dick and Rick Hoyt, a father-son running team like no other. Team Hoyt which

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Baby Boomers & New Adventures

Since 2011, around 10,000 people of the Baby Boomer generation turn 65 every day. Now, the Baby Boomers have to ask themselves: what does retirement look like for me? Research and statistics centers have been studying the exodus of Baby Boomers since the mid-2ooos. According to Bloomberg, this exodus trend plateaued for most of 2016,

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Overtime Pay Rules Changes Are Possible

New overtime pay rules just might be on the horizon. Last week, the House of Representatives passed a bill, called the Working Families Flexibility Act of 2017, that would change the way overtime pay is offered. As a part of this law, private sector workers would have the choice to elect compensatory time in lieu

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Volunteering As A Team

Winston Churchill once said, "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." While we are all making a living by working in our businesses, the question is what are our businesses doing to give back? Volunteering in local communities may seem to be a thing of

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How To Perform in a Performance Review

When I first started out as a manager, I wasn't sure who was more nervous in a performance review - me or my employee. For some reason, I was oddly nervous that I wouldn't give a good performance in a review. Ironic. As time went on, I became more comfortable and understanding of what my

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Building a Diverse Team and Its Benefits

Right this second, I could pick up the phone and call someone on the other side of the world. Just a few years ago, this was not so easy, but technology has revolutionized the global marketplace and how businesses operate. With the global marketplace continually expanding, businesses are striving to do the same. The world

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The Green House

Our Corban Cares program is built on our foundational belief that we should love our neighbors as ourselves. We work hard to serve our clients, so we can donate to organizations locally, nationally, and internationally. A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to visit one of these organizations,Women Safe's The Green House, in Ohio and

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ACA: Its Future and You

We are nearing the end of the first month in 2017, and already, we have faced some substantial changes. Of course, we are all expecting more major acts out of Washington in the future. Trump has officially taken his seat in office and began his plans for his first 100 days. With a new president

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Nobody Likes A Bad Manager

There are a great number of us who have horror stories about managers or supervisors who were horrible. Maybe it was a  manager who yelled, was repulsive, or downright rude and disrespectful. Whether it was at one of your first jobs or maybe later on in your career, it's likely that you could tell a

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Emerging HR Trends for 2017

Human resources is constantly evolving and changing, and with the continued advances in technology, people’s habits and preferences are changing. It’s essential that human resource professionals not only learn about the habits and preferences of employees, but also use that data they collect to continuously improve the experience of candidates and employees at all levels.

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